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Call for action: Flood the jail with magazines

From Support Kevin and Tyler

After lawsuit is filed against Kevin’s jail over magazine policy, a call to mass-mail magazines.

On behalf of Kevin, we are asking anyone who publishes a magazine, newsletter, or any periodical to send copies to Kevin this week.

This week, a lawsuit was filed against the jail by Prison Legal News over its refusal to allow magazines (except PLN) into prisoners.

We would like to have as many periodicals as possible mailed into the Kankakee County Jail as soon as possible. This will accomplish two objectives:

Testing the jail’s willingness to comply with the law.
Allowing us monitor what, if any, magazines are rejected or not passed on to prisoners.

If you publish a magazine

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Bail Fund for Eric against Police Kidnapping

Eric Trunk

Dear friends - our fundraiser on YouCaring was deleted; they don’t allow legal support fundraisers - so we created this one. So far we have raised $542.81 - so much love and gratitude to those of you who donated, and thank you for your messages of support. We have $3,000 more to go; but if it happens that we raise more than this, we will donate the remainder to the Bay Area Anti-Repression Crew. Here’s the original fundraiser description:
On New Year’s Eve, our comrade and friend Eric Garcia was brutally and arbitrarily arrested by police and held on false charges. This campaign seeks to reimburse Eric’s bond cosigner for bailing him out of jail. A more detailed description of the incident can be found below.

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Operation Pandora, Solidarity with Arrested In Spain flyer

On Tuesday, December 16th, at 5am, hundreds of cops broke into several houses, social centers, and ateneos in Barcelona, and also an apartment in Madrid. It was part of Operation Pandora, an anti-terrorist initiative carried out by the the highest level of the Spanish court system. Several houses were searched and eleven anarchist comrades were arrested. They did not know what charges they were accused of when they were arrested, just given a vague “anarchist terrorism” charge.
On Thursday, December 18th, seven of them went to prison and the other four were released under surveillance. All of them are now accused of the participating in the GAC (Coordinated Anarchist Groups), a group of people who held some meetings and edited some books. Earlier in November, 2013, five people were arrested and two are still in prison. They are also accused of the participating in the GAC and also committing some direct actions against churches.

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